Dogecoin Whale Sends $21.7M to Binance, Price in Danger?

• A Dogecoin whale has transferred $21.7 million worth of DOGE to Binance, which may be bearish for its price.
• The sender held an extreme balance of 1,981,615,531 DOGE (worth around $143.5 million) before the transaction.
• 299,999,999 DOGE (about $21.7 million) was sent to Binance in this transfer and it is possible that the whale wanted to sell this amount.

Dogecoin Whale Transfers $21.7 Million To Binance

A whale on the Dogecoin network has recently moved a large amount of coins worth over $21 million to an address associated with cryptocurrency exchange Binance. This could potentially have bearish implications on the price of the meme coin in the near future as selling pressure may increase significantly due to this single transaction alone.

Massive Balance Held By Sender

The sending address in this transfer belonged to an unknown wallet whose owner was holding a massive balance of 1,981,615,531 DOGE (worth around 143.5 million USD at the time). This implies that it was one of the largest wallets on the network and had been emptied out after this transaction was completed successfully.

Transfer Split Between Exchange And Unknown Wallet

The Dogecoins were split between two locations: an address attached to Binance and another unknown wallet on the blockchain. The bulk of them were sent away from the sender’s wallet towards the unknown address while 299,999,999 DOGE (about 21.7 million USD) were sent into Binance’s custody instead.

Reason For Transfer Could Be Selling-Related

One possible reason why these coins were transferred into an exchange is so that they can be sold off by their owner for profits or other purposes such as trading and speculation within cryptocurrency markets. If a whale decides to liquidate their holdings without taking care not to cause too much volatility in prices then it can lead to significant drops in value which is what traders should keep an eye out for when dealing with high risk assets like cryptocurrencies all across different exchanges online today.


In conclusion, a Dogecoin whale has recently moved more than 21 million USD worth of DOGEs onto Binance which can potentially have bearish implications for its price if they decide to liquidate their holdings without taking proper precautions first in order not cause too much volatility in prices all across cryptocurrency markets today and beyond!