TON Space Self-Custody Wallet: Take Control of Your Digital Assets Now!

• TON Space, a new self-custody wallet, has been launched with an open waitlist for developers to integrate with it in beta.
• The wallet provides users with complete control of their digital assets and allows developers to build Web 3.0 services within Telegram Messenger.
• By the end of Q3 2023, the Wallet team plans to support NFT collectibles and swapping services.

TON Space Self-Custody Wallet Launch

Telegram Messenger announces the launch of TON Space, a new self-custody wallet that gives users complete control of their digital assets. Developers are now able to join a waitlist in order to integrate their apps into TON Space in beta.

Complete User Control

With TON Space, users will have full access to all the features and capabilities of the TON blockchain without ever leaving Telegram. This provides a comprehensive solution for Web 3.0 builders while addressing obstacles such as audience access and frictionless onboarding.

Beta Access for Developers

Developers who join the waitlist today will be able to prepare their apps for consumer launch by the end of Q3 2023 when NFT collectibles and switching services are expected to be supported by the Wallet team. Jordan Dunne, head of DeFi at Wallet, said “The introduction of TON Space will allow blockchain developers to build Web 3.0 services that feel like the intuitive mobile app experiences users have every day”

Unprecedented Possibilities

Justin Hyun, director of growth at TON Foundation added “The launch of TON Space is a significant milestone that establishes a new infrastructure layer for the TON ecosystem.” He also said that these services “will now enjoy the infinite possibilities that come with the power to store, manage and trade assets within Telegram”

User Benefits

TON Space provides numerous benefits for users including easy access from any device or location, secure storage options, compatibility with applications built on top of it as well as total control over digital assets stored within it.